Maidstone Road
St. Mary’s Platt
Nr Sevenoaks
TN15 8JY
01732 882596
School Secretaries:
Allison Stephenson and Jackie Hallett
Headteacher: Hannah Walters
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Our Class Charters 

Reception - Pirates 
Walk in school. 
Keep our classroom tidy
Look after our things. 
Listen to each other.
                                                               Be kind to one another. 
Help each other to learn. 
Use sensible voices.
Line up nicely.
Year 1 - Explorers
Year 2 - Astronauts
Everyone has the right to be:                                 Everyone has the responsibility to:
* safe                                                                     * keep the classroom tidy
* happy                                                                  * walk inside school
* learn                                                                    * respect other peoples things
                                                                              * be kind, helpful and thoughtful 
                                                                              * listen and look
                                                                              * try your best
                                                                              * do not distract others 
 Year 3 - Inventors
 Years 4 - Voyagers
Year 5 & 6 - Pioneers