Maidstone Road
St. Mary’s Platt
Nr Sevenoaks
TN15 8JY
01732 882596
School Secretaries:
Allison Stephenson and Jackie Hallett
Headteacher: Hannah Walters
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Our Class Charters   - Work in progress  for September 2018

Reception - Pirates 
Rights (we want)
To learn and to play.
To feel safe in school.
To have friends.
To be listened to.
Responsibilties (we will)
To listen to teachers and each other.
To look after school equipment.
To be sensible.
To be kind to each other.
Signed Pirate Class

Year 1 - Explorers
Year 2 - Astronauts
 Year 3 - Inventors
 Years 4 - Adventurers
Year 5 - Voyagers
We have the right to:
express ourselves
be safe
be respected 
be trusted
be included 
We have the responsibility to:
express ourselves appropriately
care for others
be respectful
try our best and work hard
be reliable and trustworthy
include others 
Year 6 - Pioneers
We have the right to:
Be happy
Be safe
Be respected as an individual
We have the responsibility to:
Help others to be happy by using kindness.
Forgive and forget.
Keep everyone safe.
Be a good role model.
Use Platt’s Learning Tools
Respect others as individuals.
Be honest to yourself and others