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St. Mary’s Platt
Nr Sevenoaks
TN15 8JY
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School Secretaries:
Allison Stephenson and Jackie Hallett
Headteacher: Hannah Walters
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Curriculum in Action

Year 1 have produced some colourful artwork for their topic work.
 Reception Class have made some great stickmen pictures.
Year 5 have produced some great Viking longboat pictures
Professor Robert Winston gave interesting talks to both pupils and staff about our amazing bodies.
To view more photographs of Professor Winston's visit, click here
The Highwayman 2016 by Years 4 & 5
Platt work with St Georges, Trottiscliffe and West Malling schools to celebrate our inclusive and diverse communities. Artists work with the children to design and create lanterns in the week leading up to the festival. Please see the video link below to see a glimpse of the event:
Year 3 and 4 (2015) - Oliver Production booklet by Scott Wishart.  
Please click here to view our VE Day 70th Anniversary Photo Album by Scott Wishart.
Here are some words from parents regarding the VE Day 70th Anniversary project:
"This project provides a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage with and reflect on the war through a personal, family connection. It has stimulated much conversation in our house. It’s also has had the added bonus of introducing my children to their Great Grandfather”
“This has been incredibly engaging & enlightening for my two sons and as a result they have established a true emotional connection back to their relatives who were involved in the War.
Their questioning and desire for more information has been amazing, and it has been remarkable how such a simple concept could stimulate such attention in finding out about their relatives, both deceased and still living. Hearing stories first hand about the experience of War, internment in a POW camp, and even attempted escape, as well as seeing documents, medals and photos, has been a defining moment in their young lives and will hopefully impress upon them how such conflict can be so incredibly destructive for so many.”
“I took my mother along to see our daughter's portrait in the Platt Memorial Hall. It was very poignant and she found it rather emotional seeing her granddaughter holding a photograph of her late father.”